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– sports nutrition with a powerful lipolytic action, which consists of caffeine, aspirin, ephedrine or its analogues. Since in many countries ephedrine is included in the group of potent substances, and its turnover is strictly controlled, in most food additives, this component of the classic fat burner ECA is replaced with ephedra extract. Ephedra extract has the same effect on fatty tissue, but is legal and has no side effects.

ECA Steroids: Composition and Effects

Steroids ECA – one of the most effective means for losing weight, reducing the total body weight, drawing muscle relief, drying, improving the composition of tissues.

Effects of ECA fat burners:

Lipolytic: stimulate the splitting and utilization of fat;

Thermogenic: increase heat production;

Metabolic: speeds up the metabolism and increases the consumption of calories.

The main effect of ECA fat burners is the intensification of fat tissue metabolism with increased lipolysis (splitting of complex lipids accumulated in fat cells) and inhibition of lipogenesis (accumulation of fats). Lipolytic effect is manifested by a rapid decrease in body fat mass. Muscle mass is not reduced, because the drugs do not have a catabolic effect.

The positive effect on the total weight and composition of the body is explained by the metabolic, thermogenic and direct lipolytic effect. Ephedrine and its analogues are sympathomimetics, that is, they have the same effect on peripheral tissues as adrenaline and norepinephrine. Taking supplements leads to an acceleration of basal metabolism (metabolism at rest), an increase in calorie consumption and the active use of fatty acids for energy generation.

Enhances the effect of ephedrine (or ephedra extract) caffeine, which has a synergistic effect. Caffeine is a stimulant and increases the activity of brain centers, including centers that affect thermoregulation female viagra pill and metabolic processes. The inclusion of caffeine leads to a further acceleration of metabolism and allows you to burn more calories per unit of time, even at rest.

The third component of the classic ECA fat burner is aspirin. It was previously believed that acetylsalicylic acid promotes fat burning, but the effect was not confirmed by scientific experiments. Currently, this component is not mandatory, many manufacturers have replaced it with more effective ingredients.

Modern components of ECA fat burners:

Buy Steroids - Our website

Currently, the sports nutrition industry has powerful, safe and effective tools for modeling metabolic processes. The new components multiply the effect of modern ECA fat burners and eliminate the risk of side effects inherent in the classical formula (ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin).

New components of ECA fat burners:

Yohimbine: a selective antagonist of alpha-2-adrenergic receptors of adipose tissue, which stimulation by adrenaline blocks lipolysis. The inclusion of yohimbine (extract, yohimbine hydrochloride) in the fat burner allows you to quickly “fatten” fat in the most problematic areas.

DMAA, geranamine: a powerful stimulant that increases the activity of dopamine and norepinephrine in the central nervous system. Increases metabolic rate, increases heat production and calorie consumption, increases PTPC, accelerates fat burning, blocks lipogenesis.

Synephrine: vegetable alkaloid, which speeds up metabolism, increases heat production, increases calorie consumption. The effect is explained by the structural similarity of the molecules of synephrine and adrenaline. One of the advantages of synephrine is the stimulation of local fat burning in the most problematic areas.

Classic and updated ECA Steroids, presented in the catalog of the online store AmbalShop, are powerful, effective and versatile tools in the fight against extra fat kilograms. Professionals who prepare for performance at competitions and “dry up” to a reference low percentage of fat, and ordinary people who go to the gym once a week, work out at home or do not go in for sports, receive the result.

The use of fat burners in sports:

The main field of application of ECA fat burners in bodybuilding and fitness is the forming cycles aimed at burning up adipose tissue and drawing muscle relief during the stage of preparation for going on stage. Representatives of power disciplines (weightlifting, powerlifting) also resort to the help of fat burners before the competition, to remove a couple of extra pounds and return to their weight category.

But you can not consider steroids solely in the context of weight loss. Since the drugs in this category have a powerful stimulating effect, they can be used as pre-training complexes during the work on the development of strength and muscle mass.

Steroids ECA increase peak strength and single-maximum, increase endurance, push the fatigue threshold, allow you to increase the intensity of training and the total training volume. The preparations do not have a catabolic effect, which makes them an excellent tool for increasing the effectiveness of basic training cycles.

How to take Steroids?

Steroids are taking courses. Begin with one capsule / tablet per day and gradually increase the dose, assessing the tolerability of the drug. The recommended regimen is indicated on the label by the manufacturer. Carefully read the instructions, do not exceed the maximum daily dose and a single dose. Do not take 2 or more fat burners at the same time.

If you plan to use Steroids as pre-training complexes, take them 30-60 minutes before training. Do not exceed the maximum single dose!

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