What diseases provoke an unpleasant smell from the…


What diseases provoke an unpleasant smell from the... What diseases provoke an unpleasant smell from the head in men, the causes of the appearance of secretions and the inflammatory process.
Causes unpleasant smell from the head of the penis in men, how often it occurs. Symptoms of infection of the foreskin. What diseases can cause an unpleasant smell from the urethra. How is treatment of diseases that are transmitted during sexual contact.

Unpleasant smell from the male head: causes and treatment

Fungal diseases of the mucous membrane of the genital organs can occur without symptoms. The main symptom of candidiasis is an unpleasant smell from the head in men. Ignore the defeat of the penis is not

Fungal diseases of the mucous membrane of the genital organs can occur without symptoms. The main symptom of candidiasis is an unpleasant smell from the head in men. Ignore the defeat of the sexual organ is not worth it, because you can infect your partner. The treatment is very simple and will help to get rid of the unpleasant smell forever.

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    • Causes of unpleasant smell

      Genitals are breeding grounds for bacteria. Microorganisms like to settle on warm tissues, affect the delicate mucous membranes. Due to the presence of foreskin on the penis, bacteria gather in the fold area and multiply infections.

      An unpleasant smell can talk about improper hygiene of the penis, also provokes the stench of tight underwear. This symptom indicates a violation of the microflora of the mucous membrane, for treatment it is necessary to establish the exact cause.

      What provokes an unpleasant smell from the urethra in men:

      1. Bacterial reproduction. With increased activity of microorganisms, a specific acidic odor appears. This occurs bodybuilding girls sex as a result of the active multiplication of bacteria on the mucous membrane or fungi.
      2. Hormonal adjustment. Symptom can only talk about puberty. Treatment in this case is not required, the unpleasant smell will evaporate with the normalization of hormonal levels.
      3. Synthetic and narrow underwear. It is recommended to choose underwear from high-quality cotton fabrics. Synthetics can cause allergies, the skin in such underwear does not breathe. Avoid tight pants too.
      4. Improper hygiene or lack thereof. The stench can come from a dirty organ due to the accumulation of urethral secretions in the folds of the foreskin. Some cosmetics can also irritate the mucous membrane and cause a bad odor.
      5. Venereal diseases. The stench from the urethra is an indirect symptom. Confirm the concerns will only accurate diagnosis. With unprotected intercourse and frequent change of partners, the likelihood of STDs increases.
      6. Chronic pathology. Lung from a member can cause associated diseases: diabetes, metabolic disorders, malfunction of sweat glands.

      To make an accurate diagnosis, it is recommended to pay attention to the associated symptoms. An important factor is the presence of discharge or rash on the penis. If personal hygiene is all right, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause and eliminate it.

      On the first examination, a doctor should be informed about all manifestations of the disease. Pay attention to the additional signs – they will tell about the pathological process occurring in the body. What diseases does the stench coming from the genitals tell about?

      Pathologies and their additional symptomatic manifestations:

      1. Fungal infection. The first reason you can suspect is thrush or candidiasis. In addition to the smell, the man on the head of the penis may appear redness, stinging and itching in the urethra, a raid on the mucous membrane of white color. Sometimes, with the rapid development of a yeast infection, tissue swelling appears. The stench is specific, resembles a fishy smell.
      2. Balanoposthitis. This is an accumulation of bacteria in the fold of the foreskin, which causes tissue inflammation. You can recognize it by such manifestations as edema of the organ, sourish smell, the formation of small sores, pain during sex. Careful hygiene and determination of the cause of infection is important for successful treatment.
      3. Cluster of smegma. This is the formation under the foreskin of a substance consisting of soap, bacteria, fungal and even eurochem labs review fatty deposits. Inadequate hygiene is the reason for the accumulation of smegma. No other symptoms are observed.
      4. Vaginosis. This disease is typical for women. If the sexual partner has vaginosis, then the men could get bacteria through sexual contact. If there is an unpleasant smell in a woman from the vagina, the disease can also be suspected.
      5. Chlamydia. Very insidious infection, which in men can be completely asymptomatic. If there is a stench from the urethra, which is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, swelling of the penis and redness of the tissues, then a PCR analysis should be done. Also, when urinating, a man will feel pain, the presence of blood and pus in the urine speak of an advanced stage.
      6. Colpit The stench can be accompanied by hormonal instability, violation of sexual desire, rashes on the genital organ and pain during urination. The same symptoms may indicate the presence of an inflammatory process.
      7. Trichomoniasis. Like chlamydia, it can occur in a latent form. However, Trichomonas can be detected after a general smear from the urethra. Additional signs appear: painful urination, frequent urging to the toilet, clear discharge from the urethra.
      8. Gardnerellosis. Along with the stench, there are incomprehensible secretions, the disease is sexually transmitted, its presence can be suspected after unprotected sex. There is a very pronounced fishy smell, pain when going to the toilet, a burning sensation in the urethra and a decrease in erectile function.

      Symptoms increase gradually and appear as the male organs are affected. The more bacteria multiply and accumulate in the foreskin, the greater the risk of complications. Unpleasant smell always speaks about the violation of the microflora of the mucous membrane of the genital organs.

      What tests should be taken

      The first is to visit a urologist. The doctor will take a general smear from the urethra, which will help detect fungal infection. However, this method of research does not help to identify sexually transmitted diseases.

      Tests on the smell from the glans penis:

      1. General smear. A special device is inserted into the area of ​​the alpha pharma primo urethra that helps to reach the accumulation of bacteria in the urethra. The resulting selection is investigated and studied under the microscope. The study allows to determine the number of leukocytes, the presence of various bacteria, intracellular parasites, protozoa, fungi. Only with this diagnostic method can not determine the specific parasite that caused the smell. The technician only determines the presence of the infection, not its appearance. A general smear will help detect fungal infection (candidiasis).
      2. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This is the most popular and most accurate analysis of genital infections. The patient for the study also taken discharge from the urethral canal. Biological material is placed in a special environment and monitor the production of antibodies. If they are present, the patient develops an infection in the body. When microorganisms are detected, their type and quantity are also determined.

      A general smear will take a doctor at the initial examination. To detect sexually transmitted diseases, you will need to contact a private clinic. The method of PCR research is not carried out free of charge, for which specific infections the patient should be checked, the attending physician will tell.

      What diseases provoke an unpleasant smell from the...


      It is not recommended to buy pills or creams for offensive smell in the pharmacy on your own. Self-medication can be detrimental and will affect the functioning of the liver and kidneys. The specificity of the treatment of each disease is determined by the doctor depending on his nature and the stage of distribution.

      Before starting the treatment course it is recommended to carefully read the instructions for use of the drug. If there are contraindications zhasni bodybuilding motivation and a high risk of side effects, ask the urologist to replace the drug with another.


      Candidiasis is a fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the penis. The disease can flow into the chronic stage, if not treated in time for thrush. The problem is more typical for the female, men from partners are infected with fungi.

      Treatment methods:

      • antifungal drugs: Clotrimazole, Mycomax, Fluconazole;
      • antimicrobial washes: chamomile douches, use of chlorhexidine;
      • intimate hygiene: washing the urethra and foreskin 2 times a day.

      Treatment can be both external and internal. Often, a single application of a capsule with fluconazole in the composition is sufficient to eliminate the fungal infection. To eliminate external manifestations, antifungal gels and ointments are additionally prescribed.

      Also, a man is recommended to follow a yeast-free diet: refuse sweets, pastries, bread and beer. Welcome to the diet of fermented milk products. Probiotics can be assigned to restore microflora.


      Treatment of balanoposthitis depends on the type of pathogens. In most cases, it is an infection of the foreskin. At the initial stage, when the disease proceeds without tissue inflammation, it is possible to do with local antiseptics: Chlorhexidine, a solution of potassium permanganate or chamomile decoction.

      With the development of complications, antibiotic therapy is prescribed. The preparations are indicated for both external and internal use. Orally prescribed: Furagin, Nevigremon, Biseptol, Nitroxoline, Levomitsetin, Oletetrin, Erythromycin. The dosage and duration of the course are determined by the doctor.

      Genital infections

      All sexually transmitted infections, without exception, are treated only with antibiotics. The drug is assigned according to the results of laboratory studies, based on the type of pathogen. In addition, conservative treatment may be prescribed: physiotherapy, paraffin, traditional methods of treatment.

      Together with antibiotics, the doctor will prescribe the treatment of the urinary channel with antiseptic preparations (Betadine, Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, Cydipol). It is recommended to continue douching even after the end of antibiotic therapy.

      When chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis or fungal infections are detected, both sexual partners are treated.


      The best way to avoid undesirable odor from the urethra is prevention. To avoid the appearance of stink from a member, it is recommended to monitor their health and treat chronic diseases, not to allow congenital pathologies to develop. General preventive measures – intimate hygiene and sexual practices.


      Water will help to cope with a hotbed of fungi on the mucous membrane. It is recommended to buy a special soap for intimate hygiene that does not injure the genitals and maintains a normal pH level.

      Proper care includes:

      • daily water treatments to help minimize the use of deodorants and other odor masking agents;
      • hair removal, removal of excess hair, creating a breeding ground for microorganisms;
      • wearing linen from natural fabrics and the right size, as well as a daily change of shorts;
      • preventive annual examinations.

      Simple tips will help to avoid many problems and time to get rid of diseases that can lead to negative consequences. No need to go to the shower every hour, it is enough to take water treatments daily.

      Culture of sex life

      Sexual infections can provoke sexually transmitted infections. Often, carriers of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases are best bodybuilding videos women. Bacteria penetrate and develop into the vagina is easier than in the urinary canal.

      There are several ways to solve the problem:

      • be faithful to your sexual partner;
      • abstain from sexual intercourse with an unfamiliar woman;
      • use a condom as a means of protection against infections;
      • Get tested regularly for infections.

      Unprotected sexual intercourse is the most common way of infection. Abstinence or the use of a condom will help not to become a victim of casual sexual relationships. Loyalty to the sexual partner and mutual monitoring of one’s own health is the best preventive measure.


      Learn more from the video lecture on what to do if a man has a stench from the penis.

      What diseases provoke an unpleasant smell from the...